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Elora Ledger


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Performing around the world, Elora made her Couch Opera Live debut in July 2020.  

Elora graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Music - classical voice and a second degree in Arts - ancient history, history and classics.

Through her studies Elora has been lucky enough to travel and learn all over the world. She has talked Latin in the Vatican, scrambled over ruins in Greece and Turkey, learnt to cook in Italy, learnt to avoid Americans in America and dug up bones in The Philippines. And in each place she continued to sing, always bringing her two passions of history and music together, whether it was performing on Broadway or simply avoiding being stabbed in Manila while singing Sinatra songs.

Her opera career began in New Zealand aged 11, when she was invited to solo at Dame Kiri Te Kanawa ONZ DBE AC’s Opera Factory, premiering a new work. Her singing career however began many years before that, driving her brother mad at the dinner table.

Elora has performed in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Auckland, New York and Siena. She has sung for film and television productions in Australia and England. She was particularly excited to have her Sydney Opera House debut in 2018 as the Baroness in​ Candide​, and join her first regional tour in 2020 with The Hayes’ ​HMS Pinafore.

Elora considers one of her greatest musical achievements to be singing in Ancient Greek and Roman theatres in Turkey, Greece and Italy. Her voice bouncing off the cracked marble of some of the best acoustic spaces ever constructed, she felt herself becoming a small link on the end of a chain that stretches from Homer and Aristophanes through to Pink Floyd.

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